3 Tips for Preparing Your Body for Colder Weather

The past few years have seen some pretty severe seasonal shifts in western Pennsylvania. October started out in the 80s and quickly crashed to the 40s without much of a transition. For many of us, our bodies weren’t really given a chance to “acclimate” to the colder temperatures. No worries, there are a few things you can do to help make this seasonal transition a bit easier on your joints, skin and overall health.

Warm Up Before Your Workout

Warm-ups are important before any exercise, but they are critical when temperatures start to drop. Colder conditions cause muscles to contract, making them tighter and more susceptible to strain or other injuries.

This is especially important if you continue to exercise outside. Start by warming up indoors with stretches or exercises that get your blood pumping. Static stretches aren’t always good for this, so try more dynamic warm-ups like squats, push ups and jumping jacks.

Humidity Equals Healthy

Keep a humidifier running at home to help your entire body stay healthy all winter long. Colder temperatures bring dryer air and can lead to a number of issues. The most noticeable effect is typically dry skin, but studies have shown that we are more prone to catching colds when the air is dry.

Additionally, dry air can lead to everyday congestion and dry throats, which lead to coughing and other issues that make us feel less than 100%. If you’re used to exercising throughout the year, this can really slow you down.

Eat Healthy and Take Your Vitamins

Our immune systems are more likely to be compromised in colder weather, so making sure your body is properly nourished is vital. Foods and drinks containing Vitamin C and zinc are all great for fending off common winter issues and boosting your immune system. Some great food sources include citrus, broccoli, yogurt and almonds.

In addition to eating well, getting enough Vitamin D is more difficult in the colder months. Sitting out in the sun isn’t as easy when it’s 32 degrees outside. If you can, try keeping window curtains or blinds open on those rare sunny days, or look for ways to supplement your Vitamin D intake throughout the cold seasons.

Feel Your Best with Choice Chiropractic

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