4 Pressure Points To Relieve Headaches


One of the most common and persistent issues that people face is the dreaded headache. In fact, researchers have determined that frequent headaches affect over 90% of the American population. Painkillers may provide some temporary relief, but can also cause side effects, and their long-term use may lead to other health problems. If you suffer from bouts of severe headaches and don’t want to take painkillers, you may opt for an alternative medical approach called “Acupressure.”

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an alternative medicine practice developed in Tibet over 5,000 years ago. The idea of acupressure is to affect the flow of energy by applying pressure at the meridian points of your body. The human body has 14 meridian points that transfer energy throughout the body. The meridians start at the fingertips and connect to the brain and the organ that is associated with the specific meridian. Used for a variety of ailments, acupressure is considered an especially effective method to cure tension-related health issues such as headaches.

Read below to discover the key meridian points that can be used to fight headaches.

Face Points

  • Between the Eyebrows: Apply pressure on the third eye point of your forehead. The third eye point is located exactly between your eyebrows, and applying light pressure with your thumb every day to this spot is a great preventative measure.
  • Under the Eyebrows: These points lie under your eyebrows and close to the third eye point.
  • Under the Cheekbones: These points are located near your nostrils, exactly below the pupil. These points provide the quickest relief for serious headaches.

Neck Points

  • Base of the Skull: The point is located on the back of your head, and at the base of your skull. Apply pressure with your thumb.
  • Below the Base of the Skull: You can find four acupressure points below the base of your skull. Two points are at the base of your neck, on either side of the vertebrae. The other two are located around one and a half inches away from the base of the skull, behind your ears. Applying pressure regularly to these points is especially great for migraines.

Hand Points

This acupressure point is precisely between the thumb and the index finger. Applying gentle pressure on a regular basis to this point is beneficial for people who suffer from severe headaches. However, pregnant women should NOT use these points as a headache cure.

Feet Points

  • Top of the Feet: The valley between the big toe and the second toe are the foot’s acupressure points for headaches. The points are located at a distance of around 1-2 inches from the toes.
  • Close to the Fourth and Fifth Toe: These pressure points are located between the gap of the fourth and fifth toes.

The next time you’re suffering from a headache, go ahead and try out some of these points. Also, remember to drink plenty of warm water after the massage in order to clear the toxic substances from your body.

Muscle pain, stiffness, and even headaches can indicate that your body is out of alignment. If you want a personalized treatment plan that can help you look and feel healthier, call Choice Chiropractic. We specialize in creating treatment plans that work for you.


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