5 Reasons To Seek A Chiropractor After A Car Accident


If you’re not in pain after a car accident, you may not immediately think to contact a chiropractor. What you may not realize is that seeking immediate chiropractic care after a collision can help you avoid years of chronic pain. If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident and you’re not chiropractic care, you should contact a qualified chiropractic doctor today. Here’s why.

1. Some Injuries Aren’t Obvious Right Away

Some injuries, like cuts and broken bones, are immediately detectable. However, there are some injuries that don’t present symptoms from the very beginning. Whiplash is a classic car accident injury caused by the quick push forward and the sudden jerk backward that happens in many typical car collisions.

Whiplash can leave people feeling fine for 24 or even 48 hours after the accident occurs, and when symptoms begin, they can seem unrelated to the accident. Typical symptoms of whiplash can include headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, irritability, tingling in the extremities, stiffness of the neck, nervousness, depression and difficulty sleeping.

Catching whiplash early is one of the best ways to control damage, reduce swelling and minimize pain. By going to the chiropractor as soon as possible, you can avoid the worst of the pain and get started on the path to recovery hours after the accident occurs.

2. It Could Help Your Case or Claim

The longer you wait to seek treatment and get diagnosed, the more difficult it will be to link your injuries to the accident. Whether you’re trying to file a claim with your insurance company or win a case in court, getting immediate diagnosis and treatment for your injuries can improve your chances of linking your injuries back to the accident, maximizing your chances for a reward later on.

3. Chiropractic Treatment is Safe and Non-Invasive

Chiropractic care treats injuries safely and with non-invasive measures. Adjustments are the cornerstone of chiropractic care. By realigning the joints of the spine, chiropractic adjustments can reduce pain and promote healing. Other chiropractic techniques such as application of heat and ice, stretches and massage, are all safe and effective methods for treating injuries from car accidents. Chiropractic treatment involves no surgeries or injections, yet provides immediate relief for many conditions.

4. Chiropractic Care Manages Pain Without Medication

Pain medications simply mask injuries without promoting healing. In addition, pain medications can be addictive, can cloud your judgment and can even make operation of a motor vehicle unsafe. Stopping pain medications can cause symptoms of withdrawal and further pain.

Chiropractic care promotes pain management without use of addictive medications. By increasing blood flow and strengthening muscles, techniques like exercise and massage are highly effective at reducing pain and promoting healing.

5. Delay In Treatment Could Lead to Long-Term Pain

Minor injures can become major problems if they’re not properly addressed. In some cases, symptoms of whiplash can continue for years, especially if untreated. Seeking immediate chiropractic care can help ensure the best possible chances of recovery.

If you were recently in a car accident, contact Choice Chiropractic even if you feel fine. We’ll be able to tell you if you have an undetected injury that needs immediate treatment, and we can help relieve you of any muscle and joint stiffness you may be experiencing.