“Everyone should live in a body that works properly and lasts a lifetime.”

— Dr. Shannon

Choice Chiropractic was started in 1999. Choice is designed to make it easy for a patient to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care.

We believe in teamwork between a doctor and a patient. Because chiropractic is drugless and non-surgical, patients have a safe and effective way of caring for their body. We’re committed to providing a comfortable office experience with modern equipment. Our extended office hours and status as an “in-network provider” make sense for busy and budget conscious patients.

We also believe that everybody has the right to be healthy and that the body has the capacity to heal itself when it is allowed to. Instead of covering symptoms with medicines or resorting to invasive options, we feel chiropractic is a good first choice for someone who is looking to improve their health or get rid of pain.

The Choice Chiropractic Difference

Our practice is dedicated to helping patients become wholly healthy using chiropractic care, to educate and empower patients to make better healthy decisions and to understand the vital role of the spine and nervous system in lifetime health.

  1. We have extended office hours and can see new patients the same day.
  2. We are an in-network provider for all insurances and file the claim for you.
  3. We offer affordable services and payment plans.
  4. We are committed to great customer service and provide care in a friendly, modern, patient-focused atmosphere.
  5. We use a teamwork approach with our patients to get great results.
  6. We always do a thorough examination and report of findings for each patient so that you are able to understand your condition and treatment options.
  7. We refer to a network of specialists in the event your condition requires it.
  8. We offer care plans to relieve pain, correct the problem, and maintain health.