Acute Pain vs. Chronic Pain (And How Chiropractic Helps)

Whether you’re dealing with a condition that causes acute pain, or have been suffering with chronic pain your whole life, pain is a pain! Seeing a chiropractor, and developing a plan to deal with that pain,, can be extremely beneficial to your quality of life.

Acute Pain

Acute pain is type of pain that lasts roughly three to six months that is a result of a damaged tissue. Examples of acute pain are: sprained ankle, bee bite or you slammed your finger in a car door. Ouch! Long story short, it doesn’t feel great. Thankfully,  it always goes away.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, unfortunately, doesn’t go away. Arthritis, nerve damage and multiple sclerosis are just a few examples of chronic pain. The pain is a direct result of a condition, as opposed to being the direct result of an action.

Can acute pain become chronic pain?

Acute pain can indeed become chronic pain. For example, a basketball player who is making cuts to the basket may sprain his or her ankle multiple times over the course of a career and, over time, that ankle never fully heals. It now  becomes chronic pain. Another example, when a baseball catcher spends years behind the plate in a crouched position. Once he or she stops playing, the pain gets worse and arthritis may develop.

Steps for dealing with acute or chronic pain

Depending on the severity of your pain, it is best to consult a physician to make sure surgery is not necessary. In terms of managing that pain, whether it be acute or chronic, chiropractic care can make a huge difference. The first step would be to give us a call to schedule an appointment. During that first appointment, we will evaluate your situation and develop a treatment plan to manage your pain. In some cases, chiropractic care may not be the best fit for your condition, in which case we will refer you to a team of trusted specialists.

Give us a call…

Chiropractic care offers safe, natural treatment for patients of all ages. At Choice Chiropractic, we provide natural treatment for a range of pain, illnesses and injuries. To make an appointment at Choice Chiropractic, contact us today.


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