Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Back Pain

Water therapy is a natural exercise program that can help patients suffering from serious back problems. Not surprising, people with chronic back pain and serious back injuries often benefit greatly from aquatic therapy. At this time of year, when a dip in the pool can be a lot of fun, many people who suffer from back problems turn to aquatic therapy for their pain relief.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

There are many benefits of aquatic therapy! Patients from all over seek aquatic therapy to relieve their pain and speed the healing process. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Falling isn’t a problem. Some exercises can send a person reeling by changing their center of gravity. When the same exercises are done in water, it’s harder to fall over. Even when a fall in water occurs, it’s far less likely to result in an injury.
  2. Decreased pressure on the spine. The buoyancy people experience in water can take pressure off of the discs in their spine, which in turn can help the back heal.
  3. Increased comfort. Exercises done in water are often far less uncomfortable than exercises performed on land.
  4. Increased resistance. People often find that moving through water is far more difficult than moving through open air, which makes for a more effective work out.

These benefits can help patients feel better faster when seeking care from a chiropractor.

Is Aquatic Therapy Right For You?

Aquatic therapy isn’t right for everyone. If you have serious back pain and are seeking natural solutions for your back problems, consult with an experienced and reputable chiropractor before pursuing any form of therapy. Your chiropractor can help you determine what’s best for your back.

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