The Best Ways To Decrease Swelling After Your Summer Run

Running can be great for many reasons. Clearly, it’s known to relieve stress, but  it is also a great way to keep active during the summer months. The tough part about summer, though? It’s hot! The hotter the temperature, the easier it is to see swelling in your joints. Here are a few tips to keep the swelling down during the dog days of summer.

Ice, Ice, and more Ice

Icing helps with swelling. You probably already know that. Do you need to take an ice bath every single day? No. Is it good to ice  after your run? Yes. The perfect time to ice is whenever it makes the most sense in your routine.

For example, if you run as soon as you get home from work, then eat dinner and don’t typically get a chance to sit down until late at night,  a late night ice is perfect. Just 20 minutes before bed will do the trick. It sounds insignificant, and maybe even a bit obvious, but it can make a big difference.

Stay Hydrated!

The more hydrated you are, the happier your body is. If you’re properly hydrated, your body doesn’t have to work as hard in the oppressive heat. Good hydration not only helps keep swelling down, but it also keeps you going throughout the day.

Don’t go right for the iced coffee after that long run. Grab a bottle of water to  drink first. There’s really no excuse not to be dehydrated. Water is easily attainable for most people throughout the day and there are  water bottles that can filter tap cold water for you.

Don’t Overdo It

Training for a half marathon? Trying to get into shape at the last minute for that beach trip you have coming up? It can be tempting to overdo it. Listen to your body. If you notice significant swelling, make sure you ice and rest.

If you try and push through the pain, eventually, a small swelling issue turns into a larger issue. Give your body a rest when it’s trying to tell you it needs one. Start slow and build your way up to your goals.   

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