Could “Text Neck” Be Injuring Your Spine?

“Text neck” is the term for a newly identified spinal condition that can affect people of all ages and occupations. This spinal epidemic affects the curvature of the spine and leads to poor posture. People affected by text neck can suffer from neck pain and headaches. The more you know about this modern degenerative condition, the better equipped you’ll be to personally avoid this problem.

What Is Text Neck?

Simply put, text neck is what happens when a person spends too much time bending forward over a cell phone. When your head is positioned in line directly above your neck, your neck naturally supports the weight of your head.

When your head tilts forward to look at your cell phone, your neck muscles and spine work extra hard to hold up your head and keep it in the desired position. Doing this over and over again can have a degenerative effect on your spine, leading to injury and chronic pain.

Who Is Affected by Text Neck?

Text neck can affect a variety of people of different ages and segments of the population. In fact, cell phone use is not the only reason that people get text neck and some people can be affected by this condition without ever picking up a cell phone.

Professionals who spend all day bending forward for their jobs are likely to be affected by the same condition as people who spend too much time bending over their mobile devices.

How Can Text Neck Be Avoided?


The obvious solution to the text neck problem is to spend less time texting. However, for many people this is not an option. Text messages are passive, unintrusive, and convenient, and they are now a critical method of communication.

People who are unwilling to reduce the amount of time spent texting can instead adjust their posture while using the cell phone. Rather than bending down to look at the mobile device, hold your cell phone up to your face so that your arms are doing the work and your cell phone is level with your head.

Can Text Neck Be Cured?

In addition to maintaining proper posture while texting, cell phone users can do a variety of exercises throughout the day that will enable them to increase their neck’s range of motion and strengthen their shoulder and back muscles. These exercises can help mitigate the effects of text neck and reverse some of the damage.

How Can You Find Out More About Text Neck?

Text neck is a newly identified condition, but it’s already been discussed extensively on the Internet and in the media. To find out more, take a look at these sources:

If you’re affected by text neck or suspect that you have this condition, seek advice from an experienced chiropractor. To seek treatment in the Pittsburgh area, contact Choice Chiropractic to schedule a consultation.


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