Does Having a Dog Really Make You Healthier? It Can!

There are many benefits to having a dog. One often overlooked benefit is the health asset. True, dogs are a lot of work. That’s no secret. And some dogs are obviously more active than others.But most dogs love to go on walks – or, sometimes, runs! Overall though, having a dog requires you to get up and get moving. And that’s a good thing.

So many walks!

When the weather is nice, there’s one thing you can count on: people are going to find any excuse to get outside, especially if they have a dog. If you want to meet some new friends, take your dog for a walk around the lake and North Park. Dogs love to stop and smell everyone and everything. If you have a friendly dog it might take you a little longer to get around the lake, because he or she will stop and say hi quite a bit along the way.

Walking, in general, is very good for you. Having a dog gives you a great reason to go on many walks. Your dog will certainly thank you, but more importantly so will your body.

Dogs have routines and so do you…

Not a morning person? Get a dog. You’ll never sleep past 8 a.m. again. All kidding aside, dogs get you out of bed on days when you just want to call in sick or sleep in. Your dog gets used to doing certain things at certain times, just like we do. If you normally give your dog breakfast before you head out for work at 7 a.m., you’d better believe your pup is getting breakfast at the same time on Saturday morning.

How does all this make you healthier? It prevents you from sleeping your Saturdays away, and gets you out of bed and moving each morning.

Lower Stress Levels

It’s a proven fact that dogs can lower a person’s stress level and overall anxiety. Numerous colleges bring in therapy dogs during finals week, others bring their therapy dogs with them wherever they go.

Either way, dogs constantly play a key role in keeping anxiety levels low and improving overall morale for many people across the world.  

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