Our Favorite Outdoor Activities

Summer was always more fun as a kid, right? Playing pickup basketball, wiffle ball, flashlight tag, and frisbee are all outdoor activities that kept us out of the house. Sure, there aren’t many adults knocking on each other’s doors to go play red rover, but there are still tons of outdoor activities for people of all ages. After all, who wants to be sitting in front of the TV on a beautiful summer night?

Post-Dinner Walks

Post-dinner walks are a great for families  to get moving after a delicious meal. I You enjoy quality time to talk and, more importantly, it gives you all a nice energy boost. Whether you’re walking around the block or walking to get an ice cream cone down the street, (it doesn’t defeat the purpose) you can’t go wrong with a post-dinner stroll.

Take your Bike Out for a Ride

There are few things better than a bike ride on a warm  summer night. There are plenty of trails regardless of where you live. Here in the North Hills, there is  a five-mile loop around the lake at North Park. It’s a great way to take advantage of the surroundings and get moving.

By the same token, you can also just go for a relaxing ride around your neighborhood.  If you’re feeling really ambitious you can give mountain biking a shot. Be sure that if you’re going to go the mountain bike route, find a safe trail that you can handle!

Swim Some Laps

If it’s too hot for a bike ride,  tempting you to stay in your air-conditioned living room binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, go to a nearby  pool and swim some laps. Swimming is an incredibly good and a refreshing exercise – especially during the dog days of summer. If you don’t have a pool, or don’t yet know someone who has one, many communities have pools that you can join at a very low cost.

Pickup  Hoops

There are  a lot of people don’t like running just to run. But put them on a basketball court and they can run for hours. A friendly game of pickup hoops is an awesome way to stay active during the summer. It may be super easy to find a pickup game somewhere in your neighborhood. If the courts near you aren’t as packed, find a few buddies and start a weekly game. People will notice, and you’ll soon have more than enough for a full-court game of hoops!

Yoga in the Park

The benefits of yoga are endless. It keeps your muscles loose, and helps prevent injury, and  improves your overall flexibility. Why not take your yoga mat to the park for an outdoor yoga class? Many cities across the country offer outdoor yoga classes. Find one near you, grab a friend, and make it a weekly routine. You’ll be glad you did!

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