Managing Inflammation Over the Holidays

Food is a huge party of many a holiday celebration. While many of us let ourselves indulge this time of year, there are still some factors to consider. Certain foods can increase inflammation and leave joints feeling sore. Knowing how this works and what foods to avoid can help you have a happier holiday.

What Foods Cause Inflammation?

The biggest culprit of joint inflammation, at least from a food perspective, is salt. This can be a difficult spice to avoid, especially around the holidays. But how does salt cause joint inflammation? In short, salt dries out cells and causes them to attract more and more water. This is the same reason can feel bloated after eating salty foods. When cells attract more water, they swell. This swelling can put pressure on different parts of the body, including your joints. If you’re already prone to joint pain, be careful with your salt intake.

Even if you forgo the salt shaker, salty foods can be hard to avoid. Salt is a natural preservative and helps extend the shelf life of many foods. Some of the biggest culprits you’re likely to encounter include canned vegetables and other ready made foods. Bread and other grains are another source of salt, so watch how many dinner rolls you put on your plate. Finally, condiments like ketchup, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce are all rather salty. Avoid these and the relish tray items like pickles and olives.

Foods to Help Joint Inflammation

To avoid salt, try searching out low-sodium or sodium-free options of your favorite foods. If you find these options bland, try spicing them up with other seasonings like pepper or vinegar when possible. Another way to avoid over salting is by cooking your own fresh food at home. Prepared foods and even a lot of restaurant dishes are usually saltier than things you’d make at home.

If you’re looking for food that actually helps your joint inflammation, opt for some of the following foods during your holidays meals. Broccoli (without cheese or butter) and spinach are great vegetables to help your joints. They contain compounds that can slow down damage caused by arthritis or other joint pain. Garlic is another great food. It has anti-inflammatory properties which can help keep your joints from swelling. Finally, ginger also contains anti-inflammatory abilities and can even help settle your stomach.

Keep Your Joints Healthier with Choice Chiropractic

Eating right is just one small way to help your joints from feeling sore. If you’re looking for other ways to manage joint pain, contact Choice Chiropractic today.



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