Millennials and “Text Neck”

In recent years, texting has become a commonplace activity. Virtually everyone with a cell phone has the ability to text. Texting is a convenient way to share information quickly without becoming engaged in a complex conversation. For Millennials, texting is a preferred method of communication. Unfortunately, texting also has drawbacks. Text neck is a newly coined term for a musculoskeletal problem that can affect virtually everyone who spends a great deal of time talking over text message and looking down at mobile devices.

What is text neck?

Text neck is a condition that affects people who spend a lot of time looking down at mobile devices throughout the day. Text neck can affect anyone who looks down at cell phones, laptops and tablet computers for hours at a time. Text neck occurs because looking down at mobile devices can put strain on the neck, which in turn leads to pain, pinched nerves, strain on the joints and so on. Common symptoms of text neck include:

  • Upper back pain. This can take the form of muscle spasms or can be a chronic dull pain.

  • Pain and tingling in the upper extremities.

  • Shoulder pain and neck pain and tightness.

How can text neck be avoided?

For many Millennials, texting is an optional form of communication. Stopping or even slowing down text messaging and cell phone usage is simply not an option. However, there are ways to avoid text neck even when using the cell phone heavily throughout the day.

  • Hold your cell phone up to your face while you use it. This position puts less strain on the neck.

  • Take frequent breaks between texts. Spacing your texts apart throughout the day can prevent you from putting too much strain on your neck all at once.

  • Take frequent breaks when using other mobile devices. This includes use of laptops, tablets and other forms of technology.

  • Keep computer screens at eye level. When working with computer screens, keep your monitor at eye level to avoid looking down.

How can chiropractic care help?

Using techniques like spinal adjustment, chiropractic care helps patients heal from text neck injuries. Spinal adjustment is a technique that involves realigning the vertebrae and reducing strain on the joints and muscles. Spinal adjustment relieves pain and encourages the body to heal.

In addition to spinal adjustment, chiropractors teach patients therapeutic stretches and exercises that strengthen the core muscles. These exercises helps the lower body to support the upper body, thus reducing risk of muscle strain and injury.

Finally, chiropractors offer real-world solutions and lifestyle advice that can help patients avoid further injury. By suggesting changes to the way that the patient interacts with technology, chiropractors help patients stay healthy and avoid musculoskeletal problems.

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