February 2017

What’s More Important,
Feeling or Function?

This week I was reminded of one of the major differences in the focus of chiropractic, when compared to the medical model. I asked one of my patients “What’s the biggest difference that you’ve noticed since you started coming here?”. And she quickly answered, “I can sit now.”.

You may ask why is sitting a big deal. Well, for this patient it meant that she could comfortably endure the eight-hour car trip that she takes monthly to see her kids. Before she started receiving care she would take medicine and still be “restless, uncomfortable, and end up sitting with my feet on the dashboard”. 

So many people come to see us after taking medication and still not being able to do what they want or need to do. One of the reasons that chiropractic is so effective is that it not only reduces symptoms, but also restores function. Here are some studies with exciting results:

  • Palmer College of Chiropractic recently did a study on back pain and found that 73% of the participants were greatly improved when they used chiropractic in conjunction with medical treatment, rather than just medical treatment alone. Those patients had a 17% greatly improved rating.
  • The Department of Defense published a study in 2000 that followed several hundred soldiers injured on the job. The study showed that the group that was under chiropractic treatment returned to work twice as fast with half the restrictions compared with the group that was treated with medicine.

So whether it’s being able to run a marathon or sleep through the night or just put your own shoes and socks on (it’s the little things sometimes)… it makes sense to get adjusted and let your body achieve its maximum health naturally.

The Financial Importance of Being Proactive
We have seen a lot of healthcare changes as the new year begins. With more Baby Boomers becoming Medicare eligible, changing government policies, and the price of medications, medical spending is changing our economy. Some of the changes we are facing are higher premiums and out of pocket expenses, with increasing deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance. What we are finding is that it costs a lot of money to be sick.
  • Diabetes costs an average of $7,900 per year
  • Cost associated with high blood pressure in 2011 was $46 billion
  • A less severe heart attack costs $760,000 over a lifetime
  • The average Medicare patient in PA spends $10,555 out of pocket on medical expense
What can we do to fix the problem?
We have to take matters into our own hands by thinking and acting differently. We can cut our spending by living a better lifestyle and focusing on preventative care. Unfortunately many preventative services may not be covered by insurance companies because it would cut profits. Though these services may not be covered, they are important. Being proactive about your health, no matter what age you are, will increase your quality of life. You’ll save money by spending less on doctor appointments and medications. Most importantly, prevention helps you continue doing the activities you love. Valuing health is not the same as putting a price on sickness.

Chiropractic Care and Your Immune System

Winter is here and so is cold and flu season. Colds can be irritating and flu can be dangerous, so at Choice Chiropractic we do our best to help our patients avoid illnesses and stay healthy. 

Did you know your adjustment improves the function of the nervous system? That, in turn, boosts the immune system. Adjustments also help the body regulate cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone the body produces in response to stress. It can inhibit the immune system, which is part of why stress can cause illness. By controlling production of this hormone, the adjustment can help the body stay healthy.

Adjustments also help the immune system by eliminating subluxations. A subluxation is a condition caused by compression of the spinal column in the vertebrae. By correcting subluxations, chiropractors can improve the body’s ability to heal itself and stave off illness.

Even when illnesses strike, getting adjusted can help speed up the recovery process. Some patients hesitate to go to the chiropractor when they’re not feeling well. We encourage patients suffering from a cold or the flu to come in if they’re able, because we can help expedite their recovery.

Other methods to improve the immune system include:

  • Nutrition counseling. Diet plays a big role in the body’s ability to fight off viruses. Foods like citrus fruits, probiotics, herbs, spices, and garlic can all help patients get the vitamins and nutrients they need to stay healthy.
  • Lifestyle advice. People make choices every day that can either help or inhibit their immune systems. Sleeping well, using effective stress management techniques, and exercising regularly can help patients stay healthy. 
  • Postural screening and correction. Poor posture can lead to subluxations that then inhibit the immune system. We help our patients avoid this problem with postural screening and posture correction techniques.

Regular visits to the chiropractor throughout the winter can help you stay healthy. Even if you’re already feeling well, we can help you feel better faster.

“There’s nothing more important than our good health—that’s our principal capital asset.”

– Arlen Specter

Why I Have the Best Job Ever!

Why do Dr. Shannon and Dr. Ashley love their work? Here’s what they have to say!

Dr. Shannon-
“People will often comment about how happy I am when I talk about my work. I tell them it’s because I feel like I have the best job ever. Why? Because all day long, I get to work on helping people get healthier from the inside out. Essentially, when I adjust my patients, I’m removing interference from the nervous system, which runs everything. By doing that, their intelligent, powerful body takes over and starts healing itself. Amazing things happen all the time, without drugs or surgery. It’s super exciting when I see people get better and when we get to be a part of that. It’s why, for almost 18 years now, I’ve loved going to work every day.”

Dr. Ashley-
“I don’t take for granted that every day my job is actually a happy place to be. To have our patients excited to see me (on most occasions) because I make them feel better and, ultimately, allow them to live free of pain and dysfunction, is rewarding in itself. Below are just a few examples are why I am truly lucky to do what I do:

  • “The biggest difference I noticed was that I can move my neck, I’m sleeping better, and it’s made me an even happier person.”
  • “I would recommend Choice to anyone.”
  • “I was waking up with daily pain. After the first treatment, it was life changing. I went home and felt better than I have in months, or even years.”

This is why I have the best job ever!”

We Love Chiropractic Month
We are fortunate every day to treat the best patients in the world and we’re grateful that you trust us with your health. We believe that being surrounded by positivity has a significant impact on how we heal.

Over the years we have collected a series of inspirational messages from our patients about what they liked about getting adjusted and being healthy and happy.

We’d love for you to add to our collection! Grab a blank heart at the front desk, fill it out, and turn it back in. We’ll add it to our walls!

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