What Does Physical Rehab Involve?

When it comes down to it, your path to wellness is unique to you. That’s why our expanded physical rehabilitation program at Choice Restorative Medicine is tailored to your specific needs, goals and plan. Physical rehab is done alongside other forms of treatments to assist in restoring your strength, movement, stability or flexibility. Keep reading to learn more about various treatment paths.

Estim Physical Rehabilitation

Estim stands for electrical stimulation and can be used in a number of ways. Don’t worry. It may sound scary, but Estim is perfectly safe and relatively harmless. The most common applications of Estim are used to treat injuries that lead to pain or limited movement. Particularly, Estim can be used to treat everything from lower back pain, poor muscle control, tendonitis and bursitis.

How does Estim work? Your physical therapist applies electrodes to your skin to start the process. You may feel a slight tingling once the machine is turned on. From there, the sensation gets a little stronger, but not painful. Depending on what the Estim is treating, you may be able to simply lie there, or at most, flex or stretch the muscle being targeted.

Inner Strength Physical Therapy

This rehab system targets painful body problems that may be the result of a particular muscular imbalance.  The inner strength rehab system enables us to target the postural muscles to help you get better faster. It’s a gentle and easy form of rehab that’s tailored to your specific needs.

One technique we use is improving your posture and balance through the use of Pettibon Wobble Chairs. These specially designed chairs are meant to help you work on core strength and can help relieve and reduce pain as well as hydrate your discs. It’s a safe exercise that’s meant for any type of spinal problem.

Learn More About Physical Rehab at Choice Restorative

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