How to Stay Active During Your Summer Vacation

Summer is a busy time of the year, no doubt. Every summer is filled with vacations, (work being crazy because of people taking vacations), cookouts, family get-togethers, etc. It can be tough to maintain your workout routine through the summer – especially on vacation.

Become a Morning Person

Mornings are a game changer. If you wake up early and get going before anyone else is up, then you’re much more likely to get your workout in – especially on vacation. If you wait until everyone is up, it’s easier to just get caught up with what everyone else’s plans are for the day.

Waking up early also gives you some “me” time. We all know that vacations can be exhausting. So even if it’s just a 30-minute run before the kids get up and you head to the beach, both your mind and body, will thank you.

Take your Workout with You

Depending on where your family is vacationing this summer, you may not have access to your favorite workout machine at the gym or that spin class you normally do on Tuesdays after work. No sweat. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises and activities you can do to keep active when you don’t have access to your favorite equipment.

If you’re a runner, this is an easy one. Go out for a run and take in some new scenery. If you’re a biker, bring your bike and do the same thing. It’ll be good to break up the monotony of running the same trail every day.

Involve the Whole Family

An active family is a healthy family. Include your family on your activities. Go for a walk along the beach after dinner, toss the frisbee around or go for a bike ride. There are also plenty of great lawn games for the  whole family to enjoy. The best part is it keeps everyone moving!

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