What is Stem Cell Treatment?

Stem cells are our body’s repair system. When cells with a specific function need to be replaced, it’s stem cells that get the job done. They are able to regenerate unlike other cells and can be used to treat a wide array of symptoms and conditions. Stem cells are specifically adept at repairing joint tissue.

Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell therapy is also known as regenerative medicine because, basically, that’s what they do – they regenerate damaged cells. Regenerative medicine is one of three general approaches to healing the body. Alongside regenerative medicine is rejuvenation and replacement therapies. While all three involve restoring the body’s functionality, regenerative medicine relies on starting anew.

With regenerative medicine, new cells are introduced to replace damaged cells rather than relying on the cells already making up our bodies. In doing so, it’s like our affected areas get a fresh start with a whole new team.

Treating Joint Pain with Stem Cells

Think of stem cells as raw material waiting for instructions. As our bodies develop, our cells become specialized for different functions, such as skin, tissue or organs. So stem cells haven’t been given their assignments yet. With stem cell treatment, we’re basically introducing a new team of workers to the  body’s team of cells. Damaged areas can hail the stem cells and direct them to where they can be of help.

Using stem cells to treat joint pain can be done without surgery, and treatment does not take long. These injections can help with pain experienced in pretty much any joints from knees and elbows to hips and shoulders. There has been success in alleviating arthritis symptoms as well. Stem cells are smart, and they can target damaged joint tissue cells, replacing them, and restoring proper functionality and mobility to affected areas.

Learn More About Stem Cell Treatment with Choice Chiropractic

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