What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger point therapy is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of treatment options. These treatments aim to reduce pain and other issues caused from trigger points, which are areas in the muscle fiber that become tight and uncomfortable. You may hear them referred to as “muscle knots.” This type of pain can often be persistent and hard to relieve. Common causes for trigger points include overusing certain muscles or are the result of an injury. A common problem, there are many good options for treating trigger points.

The Graston Technique®

This treatment option was actually thought of by a patient who became frustrated by his post-surgery rehabilitation progress. Physical therapy also came up short, so he consulted with physicians to develop his own technique.

The non-surgical process uses specially designed tools to relieve the injuries to soft tissue that cause trigger points. This also a great procedure for removing scar tissue or treating sports-related injuries.


TPI, or trigger point injection, is one of the quickest ways to relieve pain and discomfort from trigger points. The entire process takes a few minutes and involves a small needle injected right into the trigger point. There, an anesthetic works to make the trigger point inactive. This in turn can quickly eliminate pain.

Laser Treatment

Our K-4 lasers enable us to hasten the recovery process by giving your body’s own healing process a jump start. In terms of trigger points, lasers can help stimulate circulation or decrease scar tissue. Both result enable the muscle to heal and function properly, thus eliminating the pain.

Explore Trigger Point Therapy Options with Choice Chiropractic

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