How Chiropractic and Indigestion Are Related

Are you one of the millions of American dealing with stomach trouble? Are you tired of taking medicines that just cover up the problem? You might be surprised to find that you have a lot of options for treatment that might not have heard of before. What’s even better is that for most stomach maladies you have a lot of options for treating them at home simply and effectively.

In my practice, I see people for all different types of health problems. Everything from back pain to headaches to carpal tunnel. Usually my patients don’t have just one problem — they have several. Everything from high blood pressure to arthritis to reflux to heartburn. The problems layer one on top of the other. What was most interesting when I started practicing is that when my patients had spinal care, a lot of the other problems in their bodies started healing. Recent studies confirmed that I was not alone in this observation.

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Preventing Indigestion

For digestive issues in particular, there are several approaches to be considered. Using eating behavior modification, making better food choices, exercise, and stress reduction are all options. Chiropractically, adjustments and some muscular work can also help resolve digestive symptoms.

Most experts agree that a big part of indigestion, heartburn, and reflux is dependent on how we eat. Eating smaller meals through the day as opposed to fewer larger meals is recommended.

Additionally, taking time to eat and chew your food thoroughly can significantly decrease symptoms. Avoid taking excessive air into your stomach by taking smaller bites, eating slower, and not chewing gum or drinking carbonated beverages. This can decrease bloating and gas. Avoiding certain “trigger foods” like fatty, spicy, carbonated, things as well as decreasing caffeine and alcohol intake can help. Don’t lay down for a minimum of two hours after eating.

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Mid-Back Pain and Indigestion

Studies have shown a direct link between mid-back pain and indigestion. The nerves coming from the thoracic (mid-back) area go to the stomach, pancreas, small intestines, and gallbladder. Pressure on these nerves can cause disruption in stomach function. Chiropractic adjustments can decrease this pressure and help to restore normal nerve impulses to the organs. Additionally, in a lot of patients who have stomach trouble there is a lot of tension in the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. Doing some gentle pressure and stretching to these areas can also relieve stomach symptoms.

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Taking Medication

A lot of patients get frustrated treating their digestive issues with medicines because the medicines just cover up the problem and don’t correct it. Some natural supplements can help restore better digestion. Probiotic supplements help to add the healthy bacteria back into the digestive system. Enzymes found in papaya and pineapple can help to break down food better. Ginger is an excellent anti-nauseant.

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Next Steps

If you are frustrated with your digestion and are looking for ways to help your body perform better please start making some small changes today. If you have not had a spinal exam and are concerned with your digestion or any other body issue and you’re not sure if chiropractic can help, please just ask. We are here to help you.

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