Health Issues and Benefits

Choosing to add chiropractic care to your healthy lifestyle can bring added benefits for women. Many of the health conditions that are more prevalent in females respond to natural, drugless chiropractic care.

Fibromyalgia, migraines, scoliosis, and PMS are of concern to millions of women. Too often, when looking for possible treatments, patients are only offered medications or are told that they “just have to learn to live with it”. Over the course of seven years of practice I have had the pleasure of seeing patients heal from these disorders and become healthier from the inside out.

See, it’s actually very simple. Your brain controls your entire body through the nerves and nervous system. When the nervous system’s ability to send and receive messages is compromised then the body begins to exhibit signs of dysfunction.

For some people this means pain, for others, sickness, fatigue, compromised immunity, tension etc. When you take medicine to relieve the symptoms it doesn’t restore the communication, it just covers the results and allows the condition to worsen. Nothing gets fixed that way. The chiropractic approach looks at the body holistically. Because the spinal bones cover the majority of the nervous system it is important to have the alignment corrected. When a spinal bone is out of its’ normal position it can severely affect the body’s ability to work.

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Treating the Pain or Discomfort

Through adjustments, proper alignment can be restored and the nervous system can repair and start doing what it was meant to do… make the body run in an intelligent and efficient manner. There is no drug, exercise, or surgery that can do that.

Studies have shown that chiropractic can help treat headaches, including migraines, more effectively than drugs with less side effects and a much much lower chance of recurrence of the headaches months later. PMS and chiropractic’s effects were studied in 1999. In the major studies performed, ten different symptoms were tracked (cramps, pain, bloating, irritability etc.). Over 70% of the participants had improvement in three or more categories.

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Most Common Issues

Scoliosis, which is three times more prevalent in women than men can be helped when caught early. If you are suffering from the late effects of scoliosis including stiffness, pain, and muscular tension, chiropractic adjustments can help restore mobility and decrease complications later down the road.

Some of the most dramatic effects of chiropractic care are seen in cases of Fibromyalgia where patients are able to decrease their pain levels, decrease their dependency on medicines, regain some energy, and start living with a better quality of life.

You won’t know if chiropractic can help you if you don’t have a check-up. Having a spinal exam could be the first step into a much healthier and happier body. We’d love to help you. Please phone the office for an appointment.

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