On the first visit our emphasis is on understanding your condition and determining an appropriate course of treatment. You will have a thorough history and an examination. We may need to take X-rays of your spine and if this is so, we have the capability to do those films in the office.

If we think we can help, we’ll let you know. If your condition needs attention from a different type of specialist we have a network of doctors and healthcare providers we can coordinate your care with. If you are in acute pain we will offer some gentle therapies as well as home care suggestions to help make you comfortable.

We will provide a complete report of finding for your condition and review any testing with you so you understand your condition. This is usually at the second visit. We will also review your insurance with you. You are welcome to bring a spouse, family member or friend with you. We are a kid-friendly office, so you may bring your children with you. If they have a special toy, game or portable DVD you can bring that to help keep them happy.